1. Looking through comments of a bunch of experts on pad Thai. To call it proper pad Thai, there are 7 main ingredients which are rice noodle, egg, chive leaves, bean sprouts, crush peanut and lime (a must for garnish) and pad Thai sauce. Meats, seafoods or tofu were added later on, this makes it more appealing to people so they would buy pad Thai. I know this because my mum has been selling pad Thai for 30 years.

  2. you soak that chicken breast cut into pieces in ( whole milk-lemon juice) butter milk over night than pat dry, it will come out a thousand times more juicy and not dry and bland and chickeny like what hes got going on now.

  3. Nice to watch Thai Chef cooks Thai food just like Pad Thai! Delicious! Egg is the main thing including sea food for Pad Thai especially scallop! And also Tamarind Sauce and fish sauce! Btw good video and enjoy it!

  4. ถ้าสั่งทําสิบจานรอกินจนลมแดกแน่ ผัดหมี่โคราช

  5. Looks kinda awkward to cook in that skillet instead of a proper seasoned wok – too shallow! The food looks lovely as ever, though.

  6. I spent one week in London this month, ate Spanish, Scandinavian, , Chinese, , Thai and Arabic from Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq and Armenian food. All AbFab.

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