The Legendary Pad Thai – The most famous Thai noodle restaurant on Earth | Bangkok Street Food

Street Food PAD Thai
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  2. Hello everyone, Im Thai and I always wonder why there are so many foreigners waiting in line for this Pad Thai Restaurant. Its the fact that this restaurant is famous for Pad Thai ( Its already famous since I was a kid , having some history and also due to its location name which is called Pra Too Phee . so they made a slogan "Pad Thai Pra Too Phee" (Pra too Phee means "Ghost Door or Ghost Entrance")

    Well for my tastes as Thai People I think its not that good and also overpriced (well , than normal Thai standard). You can see they cook in a big batch that might affect the taste I dont know. I think because of its history and the name that made a lot of foreigners want to go try it.

    If you are foreigners and tried this before. Can you tell me your opinion comparing to another Pad Thai ? The only reason I commend here is that I felt sorry for people who search for a good Pad Thai and wait in the long line on the street. There are so many good Pad Thai Restaurant out there.

    well maybe you guys are their target customers and you might not go back there again as I am

  3. I'm betting that most negative comments are from people who cook out of a can. Obviously don't travel. Although I do prefer the large flat skillet way of doing it.

  4. this looks good but Kurdish foods are better i cant wait to go to my country south east turkey and north west iraq on holiday and eat alot of Kurdish foods.

  5. this stupid fuck is stingy wit them shimps as u can see he puts them at the other end of the metal bowl and like gives them two or three this has rip off written all over it

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