Exploring Koh Chang and the Thai Islands – Episode 51

I make it down to the Thai Islands and Koh Chang with the crew of Gulf Charters Thailand. We explore Koh Chang before setting sail in the Gulf of Thailand.

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  1. Walking down the boardwalk I was thinking so this is where you were murdered…….. glad to see you made it out alive!

  2. Nonsense.. No girrlz..not even Chubby ones makes for lame video entertainment value.
    Anyone can see streams and plants.. anywhere, anytime

  3. You make normal TV look outdated and boring. Addictive viewing as usual. Yes, I did miss the bikini girls but hey, they won't be long I'm sure. Love your vids. ROD UK

  4. Hi Bob, I stumbled across your channel purely by accident a few days ago, I've watched the whole series from #1. Thanks for the entertainment & good luck in obtaining your Captains ticket. Looking forward to the future adventues

  5. Enjoyed the video immensely…glad to see you are back on subject. The T&A content is NOT what I watch a sailing/travel channel for, plenty of great web sites for that. Hopefully you stay on track this time.

  6. Ah that brought back memories! Koh Chang is an amazing island and the Thai people are lovely. 🙂 Awesome video!!!

  7. Amen about Thailand, I used to tell people that if you dropped your wallet that a kid would chase you for two blocks to give it back. Great video.

  8. Hey Bob. You sure live the good life. lol, It makes all the stress worthwhile, doesn't it? Keep on sailing buddy. You fell into a pile of roses on this landing. No hirricanes are gonna keep you down. enjoy and be safe.

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